Friday, March 11, 2011


With the implimentation of the failed Single Spine Salary Structure (ssss) implimentation and the subsequest strike action by NAGRAT(National Association of Graduate Teachers) and that of the members of GNAT with its leaders falsefully claiming that they are not on srike, the load is now on the poor JHS and SHS students who are about to start their examinations.

It is true that the teachers are legitimately right in their claim for fair share of the national cake but does that has to negatively affect the innocent students? The fair wages and salary commission should have known that the salary they were paying teachers were not FAIR eventhough they claim there were errors in the implementation of the SSSS, now have the forgotten this basic computing principle - GIGO(garbage -in- garbage- out).

It was their own erroneous act that brought the confusion, they shoula not blame any software or controller for the problems arrising.

Who to blame, hmm, the teacher is equally important as any other professional but Ghana seems not to realise this basic fact, i completed Senior High School with a Friend in the same year. I opted to go to a teacher training college eventhough i had good passes as compared to my friend who opted for the nursing training college. We completed our respective colleges the same year but he was receiving more money than i did.

Am now in the University offering BSC degree. when i complete he will still be receiving more than me.

Is it a curse to be a teacher in Ghana?
The Government should do something before the country sprang into chaos because we can't afford Libya in Ghana.

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